A building advisor is someone who works with you to get the best possible result when building a home. A building advisor’s role usually runs from the very beginning up to signing a contract with a builder.  There are many milestones involved in this initial stage, yet traditionally this stage isn’t treated as important as it should be.  This stage is the foundation of your new home and if you get it wrong you will be in all sorts of trouble.  Getting it right gives you a solid and stable platform to support every other stage of your building process.

A building advisor can help you save money on your next build

A building advisor should be independent and have a sole interest in the client’s home.  This is different to a broker, consultant or designer/architect.  These professionals specialise in their particular fields and usually have certain builders they use on a regular basis.  They all serve a purpose, but will they get the best result?

A building advisor can give you unrestricted advice

An independent building advisor can give advice based on what is best for you, without any restrictions.  This therefore opens up all possible paths to follow, rather than restricted avenues.  The decision on which path to take should be based on your needs, circumstances, personality and wants.  A good building advisor should be experienced in the building industry, with knowledge of how a home is built and should be able to give solid advice on all aspects of construction.

Pre contract services isn’t just about getting plans, quotes, selections, approvals and selecting a builder.  It’s about getting all these milestones right to get the best results.  Can you rely on the builder, designer, sales person or architect to get it right for you?  This is where a good building advisor is priceless.  A building advisor should be the first person you see.

Building advisor helping build a stunning home

A building advisor can help choose the right builder

Too many plans don’t actually transform into an end-built product and designs rarely come within budget. The reason is designers/architects are designing your home based on your requirements and their vision. Yet the end budget figure is slowly being forgotten. And, builders won’t give a fixed price without full documentation, which is thousands of dollars and time down the track. Prices come in and your dream home is now over budget and the big dilemmas now start.  What a waste of money!!!

Here is the alternative…. engage Build Ease at the beginning. Together we will determine who is best to design your home. I will work with you and the designer/architect/builder to make sure the budget is maintained and the design is cost effective.  If we are going to tender, I will then organise all the documentation for the tender process.  Build Ease will work with you to make sure everything is accounted for in the schedule, so that your prices cover what you want.  We will send it out to the builders that are best suited to you.  We will then analyse the tenders allowing you to choose the best fit builder to build your home.

Beautiful kitchen built with the help of a building advisor

Roy can help you make better building decisions for your home

With my experience I know what builders want and how they like to work.  If you make it as easy as possible for them, you will get the best results in regards to quality and price.

What Build Ease Can Do For YOU?

Build Ease is a building advisory service that is designed to help people get the best out of building. I have been a builder since 1997, therefore, I know all the ins and out of the building industry. You can check out some of work my work here. To get the most out of our service it is best that we are the first point of contact.  Working from a clean slate we can start moving in the right direction together.  Build Ease isn’t restricted with who designs or builds your home, allowing us to help you select the best fit for your requirements.

Contact me on 0419 780 222 or build@buildease.com.au to book in a meeting to see how you will benefit from our services.  You will be pleasantly surprised!!